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Isle of Wight Festival goers ate 77,000 burgers in 2013.
That is about 26 cows. Not Cowes... You can't eat Cowes.

The Festival uses a lot of power. There is enough cabling to circle
the whole Island. Turn it up to 11.

The Round the Island
Race, Sat 21 June,
Attracts over 1700 boats...
More than 10x the boats in the
Spanish Armada


Did you know the Spanish
Armada had a battle
just off the Needles?
hopefully That won't
be happening during
the 2014 Festival.

Garlic can be used as
a mosquito repellent.
Garlic crops have been
grown in the Isle of
Wight since 1977.

Isle of Wight Elephant
Garlic bulbs can weigh up
to half a pound.
Handy for throwing at
mosquitoes (though it's the
aroma that keeps them at bay).

Garlic Festival
VW Camper vans

3,500 VWs are expected
this year,
parked bumper to bumper
that’s nearly 10 miles

Since it started in 2004
over 330,000 people
have attended Bestival.
About double the population
of the Isle Of Wight

Bestival is covered in
glittering accolades
& awards: twice voted
Best UK Major Festival,
Bestival was also
recently crowned as
one of the Top 10
Festivals In The World
(the only UK winner)

Isle of Wight Cycling Festival 2014, 13th-28th September

Uk’s biggest cycling
5,000 participants
expected to take part

Cycling Festival Bike
Cycling Festival Bike

41,000 miles were
cycled throughout
the event in 2013
That's Land's End to John
O'Groats and back - 24x

The Isle of Wight is Festival Island. Let Wightlink Take You There.